Cadillac Converj Going to Mass Production?

Rumor has it that the slinky hybrid-Caddy may be destined for production in a few years’ time.

The Detroit News says that the concept car which shared the power train and lithium-ion battery pack used in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt would be more than just inspiring for the extended-range electric Converj. 

General Motors wants to amortize the cost of expensive system with the shared underpinnings.

Bob Lutz, VC of GM, has said a premium offering with the same technology could allow a higher price tag, another option to offset the cost of the batteries.

Cadillac neither approved nor denied the rumors that the Converj is destined for production, but seeing the new eco-friendly compact offerings from Audi or Lexus, it doesn’t seem that far from truth. The late 2010 is expected to be the start of the production for Converj, as long as the news is correct.