New Supercar Company – Fenix Automotive Limited, by Noble Creator

With a power powerful V-8, the new Fenix supercar will easily beat all previous Lee Noble-built cars.

To back this affirmation, an independent tester recorded a time of 3.3 seconds for 0 to 60 mph.Fenix states that the car will do 0 to 100 mph in less than seven seconds, putting the new supercar in a top position against its competitors.

The car will be completely usable on the street as well as a track stormer, according to the producer.

Lee Noble says: “Our new car will offer buyers performance and dynamics they’d normally have to spend well over £100,000 ($168,000) to experience, but at a far more affordable price.

”He continued: “It will combine simplicity, strength, and agility, while its two-seat, closed body will ensure sensible levels of refinement for road use. And thanks to a feature which will be revealed nearer the car’s launch, it will be amazingly practical too, for both track and road users.

”The launch date is rumored to be sometime the next year.