I-Miev for U.S. – Gasoline-Powered by Mitsubishi

The i-Miev mini-electric car will have to compete against the gasoline-powered Smart car as the Smart Electric Drive isn’t sold in the U.S. To this extent, Mitsubishi is considering adding a version of the car with a gasoline engine.In the U.S. a 1.0-liter normally-aspirated three-cylinder engine – with a similar size engine found in the Smart car – will power the new car.

The executive vice president of operations at Mitsubishi Motors North America, John Koenig, says that a high sales volume per month would make Mitsubishi re-engineer the car for U.S. customers’ demands.If the gasoline-version of the car is approved, it would arrive shortly after the electric car, that is in about 18 months.


Source: Automotive News