Till now just rumors about Iphone Verizon

Since the debut of Phone, produced by Apple, on AT&T network it seemed  the popular touch-screen handset could be also available for Verizone Wireless at the end of contract of exclusivity between the producer and the network company.

The Apple’s analysts confirmed too what has been written below and that the contract will expire at the end of this year; but it doesn’t look like reliable, since it has not been publicly announced nor by Apple and neither by AT&T.

Anyway it is known that at certain time the AT&T exclusivity will expire and then could be possible a Verizone IPhone, but not until it will be confirmed from Verizone and Apple too, till that moment it will remain only a rumor, so it will not be clear if and when the Verizon IPhone will be really feasible.


Image source: reviews.cnet.com