Rumor say that Motorola will announce two new Android phones next week

Rumor has it that Motorola will be releasing in 2010 two Android phones on the C.E.S.

According to Global Equities Research analyst, Trip Chowdhry, Motorola “may announce” two new Android phones, one on AT&T, the second on Verizon. Both phones will have, according to him, OLED screens and a slide-out QWERTY for the AT&T model, with the same handset shunning MOTOBLUR in favor of the Google Experiences interface.
Moreover, rumors say that the Backflip / Enzo pictures we have seen recently could be the AT& T model.


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Rumor has it that singer Lil Wayne and Shanell are the newest couple from Hollywood

Moreover, the today’s rumors say about the new couple : “Wayne is so in love with that girl. I don’t know what she did, but he is just mush when it comes to her. He loves her drive, personality, and the fact that she’s so talented. She’s one of his best friends…”

We give you a funny tip : if you listen to Shanell & Lil Wayne performing “Mr. Carter” you will be convinced that something’s happening between the two…the song’s lyrics speaks from itself. Who knows, maybe this song’s name will be called in the future “ Mr. Carter – Woods “

LG is rumored that it might skip Mobile World Congress 2010

For now Mobile World Congress 2010 seems to be a vacuous event and the risk of this actually happening is increasing with the growing number of manufacturers opting out. Recently we found out that Nokia won’t exhibit in Barcelona this February and intends to focus on promoting its infrastructure business through Nokia Siemens Networks.

Recent rumors that has just surfaced on the web has it that LG is about to follow suit and will not be showing anything at MWC 2010 either. People from LG International, say that one of the major reasons behind the manufacturer’s decision is the high cost of a pavilion at the fair. The Dutch division of LG Mobile has confirmed the information and went on to clarify the company would actually be in Barcelona, although not as an exhibitor at MWC 2010 and several new products would be showcased in a separate pavilion.

Nevertheless we believe that Nokia takes similar approach and we get to see, one way or another, their new handsets in February and also that the MWC 2010 won’t be less exciting.


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Audi brings a new concept on Detroit 2010

Germans from Audi announced that they will present the new concept at the Detroit Showroom. Rumors say that that concept will underline the Audi motto values: “Vorsprung durch Technik”- meaning Progress through technology. It also exist the possibility that this concept will preview the future A3 or A6, but the officials did not made any statements.
Taking into consideration the next models that Audi will launch, the waited concept from Detroit will be bonded with future A3 and A6. There may be the possibility to bond with roadster-ul R4 or to crossover-ul entry level Q3, but the first image of the concept doesn’t look like any of the previous models compared. Moreover, according to A8 model debuted in Miami several weeks ago, and the A7 concept already presented, we may see the new A6 on Detroit showroom.
Audi staff will present also the new A8 at Detroit showroom. Rumors say that Audi will present the new technology because they said the model will show the Audi values, but for now is not clear how the new technology will look like or if the model will be put into production.


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Ferrari is rumored to withdraw from Formula 1 in 2012

Ferrari staff said they won’t compete in Formula 1 after 2012 in case the sportive and technological problems won’t be solved.

The teams in Formula 1 were on the point to leave in corpore the competition last summer, after a conflict during several months with the International Federation of Automobile. Finally, the two parts arrived to an understanding concerning the reduction of manufacturers, signing the Concorde Agreement, the document that leads Formula 1.
Nevertheless, Ferrari warned to leave Formula 1 for Le Mans after 2012, the year when expires the Concorde Agreement, in case the problems will not be solved until that time.
“ I want that Formula 1 to improve until 2012, when se suppose to sign a new Concorde Agreement, and if that thing will not happen we will find reasons somewhere else. I have been to Le Mans and I was impressed “ , declared Luca di Montezemolo, the President of Ferrari, in an interview.
The Ferrari official explained also the main three fields which must be changed radically in the next two years : using some technologies which can be implemented on the street cars, reduction of coasts by measures which won’t affect the sportive aspect and the motivation of manufacturers to compete into the Big Circus.
Moreover, Montezemolo showed that the Grand Prix of Formula 1 are too long and they take place at inappropriate hours, but the tickets are also too expensive.
“Is it fair to compete at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. on Sundays in summer time? While football is played at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. and even 9 p.m. Is it fair to have races during two hours ? Maybe they are too long. Do we need such expensive tickets ? Nowadays, a young man can fly with his girlfriend around the world with a lower amount of money than the best seats in the stands at the Italy Grand Prix. Is it fair? “ , Montezemolo is asking.


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Ferrari 599 GTB Hybrid Concept rumored to debut at Geneva in 2010

The global tendency to develop ecological technologies comes from Ferrari too, which could present the 599 GTB Hybrid concept at Geneva showroom in 2010.

According to Quattroruote Italians, Ferrari could present the 599 GTB Hybrid concept at Geneva showroom in 2010. The first hybrid from Ferrari would follow the ecological tendency of all manufacturers around the world, including super-cars. The hybrid version of 599 GTB will have a lower fuel consumption reduced 35% having a medium consumption of 17 liters to 100 kilometers.

The hybrid system of 599 GTB Ferrari will be similar to all the other models of his kind and will utilize lithium-ion batteries. Both the electrical engine, and the batteries will be put near rear deck, and the electrical engine will be coupled of the transmission of 599 GTB. This thing will allow implementation of a regenerating system of the kinetic energy lost usually when braking, which will function in an similar way to the KERS from Formula 1, offering a surplus of power for a short period of time.

Apart from the hybrid system, Ferrari 599 GTB will have a play-stop system, which a premiere for Maranello Scuderia models. The play-stop system implemented on 599 GTB should reduce significantly the consumption of fuel and the unity emission V12 of this model especially in urban landscape, thing which could help the Italians to reduce brand’s fuel footprint.


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Demi Moore rumored to be photoshoped in W magazine cover

Demi Moore, which is rumored to had several plastic surgery, was the star of a pictorial made by photographer Anthony Citrano in November, for December number of magazine “W”. The photo on the magazine’s cover , in which the beautiful brunette shows a suspect thin and well proportioned silhouette, become the subject of a controversy, after Citrano declared that the photo was edited several times that the actress hips and thighs to look thinner. “Did she had a car accident which left her without a piece of thigh? Even so the material floats magically from the missing part of her thigh” , the man wrote on his personal blog. Nevertheless, magazine staff say : “No one at the magazine did any retouching of the image.”

On the other hand, Moore published on her Twitter page a copy of the photo which is rumored to be the original. Her lawyer, Marty Singer, ordered Citrano in an official letter to withdraw charges and to apologize public. “ As you all know, my client image s extremely important for her career and life, and the fake charges to modify her image are injured”, it’s shown in lawyer letter published by Citrano online. Nevertheless, Citrano refuses to withdraw charges or to apologize.


Actor Charlie Sheen rumored to divorce after the incident on Christmas day

Actor Charlie Sheen admitted to put a four-inch knife on his wife neck and threatened to kill her if she intended divorce, announced Also Brooke Mueller Sheen called at midnight police and reported the incident, saying that she thought she will escape alive from fighting with her husband.

According to investigators, Charlie Sheen rushed to his wife bed and threatened he will cut her neck if she divorces. Moreover, the actor is rumored to tell his wife :” You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you… I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace.”

Sheen denied the charges brought by his wife and said that both of them slapped each other over their arms and afterwards he broke his wife two pairs of glasses in front of her because he was mad concerning the divorce. “ I got very mad when she threatened with divorce because of previous experiences”, said Sheen. The actor also was arrested and then exempt after he paid 8.500 dollar bail.

All in all, Sheen and Brooke Mueller married in May 2008 and have two twin boys born in March this year.

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Jennifer Aniston will be hosting The Golden Globe 2010

The next season’s Golden Globes Award show 2010 is rapidly approaching, and it was recently announced that Jennifer Aniston is among the list of presenters. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that the “Marley and Me” actress will present along with Julia Roberts –who is pulling double duty as a presenter and a nominee- and actor Mickey Rourke.

Meanwhile, the ceremony will include Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio while George Clooney led the pack of nominees with six for his performance in “Up In The Air” next to Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock and Matt Damon who are up for two awards.

Rumors say that the Golden Globe favorite movie is “Up in the Air” , directed by Jason Reitman which raised the most nominations. Comedy actor, Ricky Gervis, is rumored to be the first amphitryon in the history of Golden Globe

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will air live on NBC on January 17 at 8pm EST.

GM are order to pay the severance negotiations for Opel

Sberbank sustain that GM must pay o sum which covers the costs which the financial institution make in the negotiation for Opel period.

The GM staff are restless after the negotiation with the German state and the ex potentials buyers of Opel, an Austrian-Russian-Canadian consortium run by Magna, were ended suddenly and with no explication by the American company. Although GM decided to keep Opel and also decided to end negotiations with Magna on last minute, the discussions between the parts are still open, the problems coming from the OAO Sberbank, the financial institution which must stay behind the Magna offer.

The OAO Sberbank director said in an interview to Russian television that GM should pay some compensation because they ended the negations in an advanced moment unilaterally. “ We believe that GM involving went very far so that the Americans should end the affair” , said German Gref.

Rumor say the Russian bank already expects from GM the voluntary payment of the amount which they owes. Also if GM doesn’t pay they will be sued by Sberbank.

Vladimir Putin also said that immediately after GM announced that won’t sell Opel, the Americans proved an arrogant attitude when they stopped unilaterally the negotiations.


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