1000 Lucky 2012 Audi E-tron Buyers?

In 2012, the production of the Audi E-tron will reportedly be limited to only 1000 pieces.The new E-tron is a high-performance electric car aimed at the competition even from its design. Tesla Roadster and the forthcoming electrified version of Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG, are just two of the spotted car market segment. Thus, the production of 1000 units of the car is a pretty high number, when we think that it took Tesla several years to sell even 500 Roadsters.Achim Badstubner, head of Audi’s exterior design, told Autocar that “There are always people who want to be first to own new technology.”The goal of selling 1000 units is achievable in Budstubner’s opinion. Still, Audi will be ready to cease production if the cars don’t sell out.Prices for the Audi’s new electric sports car are to be set “above R8” levels.


Source: Autocar