Jake Owen And Britney Spears Rumors

A few months ago, Jake Owen was seen in video in some hot dance moves at one of Britney’s shows. This made headlines, and blogs were talking about his love story with Britney Spears.

“She’s a great girl. It was interesting to meet her and be in that whole different world, ” said Jake to Clear 99, a Missouri Radio Station. Still, he says there’s nothing between them. He added: “I haven’t talked to her since.”

Also, Jake admits he is completely solo at the moment. “I’m enjoying that part of my life right now,” and then he continued: “I had a girlfriend for quite some time and we broke up, and that’s OK. Things happen for a reason. I’m enjoying my single life right now.”

Jake recently appeared in PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Men in Country issue, which thrilled his mother. “My mom’s always laughing at stuff like that. She gets to show her friends.”As a plus, Jake’s latest single, ‘Eight second Ride,’ is in the top 20 and climbing.

So girls, go get him!