Schumacher announces his comeback in Formula 1 !

Michael Schumacher was informed by the Ferrari Scuderia  that it’s very possible for him to comeback to Formula 1 to Mercedes GP, according to Luca di Montezemolo  statements.The Ferrari President thwarted the Mercedes GP plans to maintain suspense about Michael Schumacher’s comeback to Formula 1, revealing on Friday that he was directly informed by the seven times world champion that it’s almost certain to comeback to Formula 1.The announcement confirms actually the rumors recently launched in the international press, in which Schumacher reached to a verbal agreement with Mercedes GP if he only passes the medical exams.“Schumacher called me on Thursday and told me about a very,very,very strong possibility to compete for Mercedes Benz.  Nevertheless, it’s not 100% sure. But that’s what he told me on Thursday monrning “ , said  Montezemolo at the Christmas party of Ferrari organized   for the international press.Previous, Ferarri  announced the they won’t block the agreement between Schumacher and Mercedes GP, dispite the fact that the german is now adviser of the street car division of the Scuderia.Montezemolo couldn’t hide his bitterness concerning Schumacher’s comeback in the competitive activity. “The real Schumacher told me that he will end his career at Ferrari’s. Don’t forget that when you start to collaborate with a pilot as I did in 1995 with Schumacher , over 14 years, you are also a friend. We can still argue, but we’re still friends. I will never forget what he did for Ferrari, and he won’t forget what we done  for him”, said Montezemolo .It’s  rumored that Mercedes GP will officialize the contract signing with Schumacher  after the german passes the medical exams required by F.I.A.


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