The cars which use electrical motors will be loaded in the future without power cable

The American company Evatran created a  system in which cars who use electrical motors will be loaded without using power cables.The American company Evatran created a system in which electrical cars and the hybrids plug-in will be loaded without using a power cable. The technology designed by Americans called “Plugless Power” is based on two components : one of these can be installed on any type of car who use electrical motors, and the second one can be used as main module.With the help of the adaptor fitted on the car, drivers will be able to stop in any station who have a Plugless Power device and they will tank  the electrical model without using power cable. The system made by Evatran is a universal  one and it will be able to use by all the electrical motors car owners, because it will adapt all the voltage requirements  of the producer.Also, this type of system shortens the waiting time for reloading batteries. Evatran will work with Syncroness company for developing and commercialize this product.The American company trust that the Plugless Power system will be complete by the end of next year.

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