Angelina Jolie rumored to be the new politician of 2012

We personally believe that actress Angelina Jolie should run for office in 2012 — any office, White House too. Rumors say that she may quit Hollywood and go to Washington , D.C.

Angelina Jolie is well-known for her humanitarian work around the globe. After filming The Tomb Raider movie back in 2001 she got started as a UN Goodwill Ambassador Jolie has raised awareness about war, rape, famine, and poverty that people in several countries in Africa and other continents face. Angelina and her future to be husband, Brad Pitt, also have helped people from Louisiana after the hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans .

If a dummy like Sarah Palin can run for president without knowing anything about world geography or ever visiting another country, why wouldn’t a well-traveled and intelligent woman like Angelina Jolie not run? The type of person we need is a leadership with passion and commitment to run for office. Also, we need someone who is smart and dedicated to helping their fellows.

More than that, Angie is a kick-ass mom raising three adopted kids, plus her three natural children. She and Brad seem to get along well for the most part even if the tabloids keep saying that the two are separating. If America was ready for a handsome, intelligent black president, it’s time we elect a beautiful, bright actress to serve the American people and the world. Angelina Jolie would make a terrific politician, it would make everyone want to register and vote for her, and it will engage Americans who had never cared about politics to start watching the news.