New hopes for Saab. Spyker makes a last offer

Shortly after the GM decision to close Saab, the Swedish Government decided to start talking to Americans for salvage the fate of the automaker. Besides that, Spyker made a new offer.

Shortly after the General Motors officials announced they will close Saab, the Swedish Government started discussion with Americans. The Swedish officials realized how important is the lost of Saab and decided to meet this weekend with those from GM, to analyze the fate of the automaker.
Moreover, on Sunday, Spyker, the Dutch manufacturer of niche left alone in the race for buying Saab, announced by a press release that they made a new offer on GM’s address. It’s purpose: the elimination of all the disadvantages which closed on Friday discussion with Americans.
“We made all the possible efforts to respond to all the problems which lead to blocking this deal and ask the GM staff and other parties involved to analyze seriously our new offer. We believe that our offer will remove Saab out of impasse in which is from Friday, followed to conclude with an agreement until 31 of December, the deadline established by the GM staff for buying Saab” said Victor Muller, Skyper president .

In case Americans decision won’t change, closing Saab will have a major impact upon the Swedish national economy : 3,400 of employees who work for the Swedish automaker will lose their jobs. All these employees will sum too the employees of the 1,100 Saab distributors around the globe.

According to the info came from Spyker, the proposal came on the last moment contains eleven important points which remain confidential. Spyker revealed only one of them : for buying Saab, it won’t be necessary a loan from European Investment Bank, so that the agreement to be finished until 31 of December. Obviously, the Saab staff expressed their support for the new proposal.


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