BMW Active Hybrid 5 Concept rumored be presented at Geneva

The third hybrid from BMW could be presented in concept version at the Geneva Showroom. This is based on the new Series 5 and offers 258 HP.

BMW could present the hybrid version of the new Series 5 F10 at Geneva Showroom in 2010. The new hybrid from BMW is still in the stage of concept and it’s waited to debut on market at the end of 2010. Unlike the other models, Active Hybrid X6 and Active Hybrid 7, who already reached production, the hybrid based on Series 5 will have a gasoline engine with six cylinders and 218 HP assisted with an electrical engine of 40 HP.

Being a hybrid model, the new Active Hybrid 5 will have some aerodynamic improvements for a less fuel consumption and maximum efficiency.
The ground clearance will be reduced to a few mm over the standard version of Series 5, and side sills, front bumper and other elements will be optimized for a better aerodynamic coefficient. Even the wheels and any caps for wheels will have this kind of treatment, to ensure that the moving elements will opposes a resistance to advancing.

BMW is waited to show the multitude of surprises at the Geneva Showroom in 2010, but these are only rumors for now. Active Hybrid 5 appearance at the showroom is another possibility, the BMW staff didn’t validate such a hypothesis.


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