Download A Free InRumor WordPress Theme

InRumor WordPress Theme in Action on


This is the InRumor WordPress Theme, a free new set of “clothes” which – we hope – will serve you better to help your visitors to find more quickly and easily the information they are looking for. It should also load faster because of the lighter design and optimized queries, giving them less time to wait for pages to load.

In other words, it’s a lighter, faster and much more user-oriented design that we will continue to improve on the fly.

Usage Instructions:

The InRumor WordPress Theme has 3 (three) major details which you should look at, in order to benefit from its full features.

The Spotlight

The Spotlight is displayed on the Homepage and on the Category Page. In order for the Spotlight to be showed , it has to find minimum 5 featured posts (read Post Is Featured) that have post image (read The Post Image)

The Post Image

When you publish a post, add a custom field with the Name “post-img” and the URL of the image as the Value

The Post Is Featured

When you publish a post, if you want that post to appear in the Homepage / Category Spotlight, add a custom field with the Name “featured” and the Value “true”.