Brittany Murphy Funeral Planned For Christmas Eve

The funeral for the actress, who died at age 32 Sunday, is scheduled for Christmas Eve, and is said to be “strictly private”. Considering the rumors, so far,no public memorial has been announced.

While Brittany’s family is making sure no unexpected guests crash the funeral’ rumor say a security team will be in place at the ceremony later today but for now it’s unclear how many officers will be patrolling the area.

Moreover, on Tuesday confidential investigators notes revealed copious prescription drugs found by Murphy’s bedside and other details. At this point, we may know more from toxicology screenings about whether the various medications found in Murphy’s home contributed to her death or not.

The L.A. Coroner’s office released a statement later Tuesday night, chastising the leak: “it is the policy and practice of the Department of Coroner to only release detailed information in cases where the final cause of death has been determined and the case investigation has been completed and closed by the Deputy Medical Examiner.”