More hot rumor from Formula One

The Ferrari staff welcomes Michael Schumacher in Formula 1, but announces they will make their best to defeat the new pilot of Mercedes GP team.

Michael Schumacher’s career is tied to Scuderia Ferrari, the team for which he won 5 consecutive world titles, being a consultant of the street car division even after his withdrawal. His comeback in Formula 1 for Mercedes GP born several confused feelings for fans, but for the Scuderia Ferrari also.

Bernie Ecclestone believes Schumacher’s comeback will strongly contribute to Formula 1 image in season 2010 because season 2009 was marked by many political scandals and also by the withdrawals of three constructors but things tend to get well for the future season.

The major events happened such as Schumacher’s comeback, Fernando Alonso’s setting at Ferrari and the two world champions, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button for McLaren will transform the new 2010 season into a very attractive and competitive one for fans. This is Bernie Ecclestone’s opinion, the owner of Formula 1 commercial rights.

“I think it is fantastic for Formula One that he turned into a ‘comeback kid’. But at the same time I also think that it’s good for Michael. When drivers have put in many years they sometimes lose focus and motivation – probably that was one of the reasons for his retirement in 2006 – but now he has again put all his strength together and has a 100 percent motivation level and that will give us many exciting races in 2010 ”, said Bernie E. on the official Formula 1 website.

On the other hand, Formula 1 official is convinced that Schumacher is capable to fight for the world title next year, even if he’ll not comeback into competition after a 4 years absence.
“I have him on my bill for winning the championship. He will be of immense value for the team to push the development of the car. We have all seen in the past that he was never satisfied unless the car was in perfect condition. With his drive for the optimum and his deep technical understanding he will save the team precious time” , said Ecclestone.