Osama Ben Laden’s son claims to Iran’s President the release of his brothers

Omar bin Laden, Osama Ben Laden’s son, the terrorist organization leader of Al Qaida, says that in Iran is one the Osama Ben Laden’s wife and 5 of his children starting in 2001, the data when the U.S. army occupied Afghanistan . In Iran are the brothers of Omar, Mohammed and Saad bin Laden age 29, Othman age 25, Hamza and Baker age 20 that 15 and also his sister Iman age 17.
Each of Omar brothers is married with one or two women and have 11 children. Omar bin Laden also said that the Iranian Government offered insurance in the presence of several foreign diplomats that they will permit his family to leave Iran.

At the beginning, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied the information regarding to the presence of 6 members of the terrorist leader’s family in Iran.
Later, Omar bin Laden sent Iran President to expedite the granting of a permits to leave Iran of his sister. He also liked to specify that the information according to which Iman bin Laden would escape, and the other members of his family would be held hostages are incorrect.
According rumors, the members of the Al Qaida leader are housed under Iran protection at a residence for guests of the Iranian Government. Consequently, there are over 25 members of Osama Ben Laden’s family under Iranian Government protection.