Ferrari 599 GTB Hybrid Concept rumored to debut at Geneva in 2010

The global tendency to develop ecological technologies comes from Ferrari too, which could present the 599 GTB Hybrid concept at Geneva showroom in 2010.

According to Quattroruote Italians, Ferrari could present the 599 GTB Hybrid concept at Geneva showroom in 2010. The first hybrid from Ferrari would follow the ecological tendency of all manufacturers around the world, including super-cars. The hybrid version of 599 GTB will have a lower fuel consumption reduced 35% having a medium consumption of 17 liters to 100 kilometers.

The hybrid system of 599 GTB Ferrari will be similar to all the other models of his kind and will utilize lithium-ion batteries. Both the electrical engine, and the batteries will be put near rear deck, and the electrical engine will be coupled of the transmission of 599 GTB. This thing will allow implementation of a regenerating system of the kinetic energy lost usually when braking, which will function in an similar way to the KERS from Formula 1, offering a surplus of power for a short period of time.

Apart from the hybrid system, Ferrari 599 GTB will have a play-stop system, which a premiere for Maranello Scuderia models. The play-stop system implemented on 599 GTB should reduce significantly the consumption of fuel and the unity emission V12 of this model especially in urban landscape, thing which could help the Italians to reduce brand’s fuel footprint.


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