Audi brings a new concept on Detroit 2010

Germans from Audi announced that they will present the new concept at the Detroit Showroom. Rumors say that that concept will underline the Audi motto values: “Vorsprung durch Technik”- meaning Progress through technology. It also exist the possibility that this concept will preview the future A3 or A6, but the officials did not made any statements.
Taking into consideration the next models that Audi will launch, the waited concept from Detroit will be bonded with future A3 and A6. There may be the possibility to bond with roadster-ul R4 or to crossover-ul entry level Q3, but the first image of the concept doesn’t look like any of the previous models compared. Moreover, according to A8 model debuted in Miami several weeks ago, and the A7 concept already presented, we may see the new A6 on Detroit showroom.
Audi staff will present also the new A8 at Detroit showroom. Rumors say that Audi will present the new technology because they said the model will show the Audi values, but for now is not clear how the new technology will look like or if the model will be put into production.


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