Rumor say the Sony team will rethink PS4’s hardware design

Rumor say Sony has been thinking beyond the Cell processor due to developer troubles and has started to seek alternatives for their 4th generation machine. Since the Cell processor had many advantages in performance and creative research this generation, despite arriving late in the game, it must be a difficult decision to move away from such a large innovation.
Considering other rumor, the new CPU will be multi-core, but that comes to no surprise as most if not all CPUs these days are done with multi-core in mind.
New ideas come out includes a modified SPU, but that is very unclear other than the fact that they originally intended to upgrade the Cell architecture.
Recently were some rumors that Sony was considering Intel’s Larabee chipset. Because of poor performance, this plan likely fell through quite fast. Judging from Intel’s integrated GPUs in the past, it’s probably best to leave it to brands such as Nvidia and ATI.


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