Rumors say Jennifer Aniston ignores Brad Pitt’s messages

Angelina and Brad’ romance isn’t as happy as they pretend it to be, even they raised six children together, the actor is now desperately trying to contact his ex-wife for a shoulder to cry on.

After they divorced back in 2005 when Pitt embarked on an affair with Jolie, actress, Jennifer Aniston seems not to care anymore about Brad’s situation ! “Brad sent Jen a text, pleading for her to get in touch, but she simply ignored him,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Moreover, rumors say “Brad still pines for Jennifer badly, but she seems determined to cut him out of her life — once and for all. “She thinks it’s pathetic how her ex continues to pretend to be happy with Angelina despite everything that’s going on between them.

The source also said : “He’s proven to be totally spineless and incapable of standing up to Angelina’s temper tantrums and violent mood swings. Jen has lost all respect for him over the way he’s conducted himself.”