Rumor say that another Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting was discovered

Yet if recent rumors bear out about a picture in Boston, that number may increase by one more because according to art experts say it’s the equivalent of stumbling upon a surprise Shakespeare play or a lost Homeric epic.

According to rumors, it is believed that the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has in its possession a painting believed to be by the Italian master, and is in the process of authenticating it. Were it deemed a true Leonardo, such a painting would be only the second one in all the Americas. (The first, “Ginevra dé Benci,” hangs in the National Gallery of Art.)

Consequently, Katie Getchell, the museum’s curatorial deputy director, says through a spokeswoman: “We don’t comment on works that the MFA may be studying or considering for acquisition.” Asked if this meant that the MFA is, in fact, studying a possible Da Vinci painting for purchase, spokeswoman Dawn Griffin says she can say nothing more.