According to rumors Porsche might create a Boxster with three cylinders

Porsche is taking into consideration to implement a turbo engine with three cylinders for the next Boxster generation in order to reduce the CO2 emission by level range. Te surprising decision of Porsche stuff might be necessary in order for the sport automobile brand to reduce the carbon footprint by introducing some new models with low emission. Boxster features will not be lost by implementing this type of propellant because the model will provide between 180 and 200 horsepower.

For now, Porsche stuff will produce only 300.000 units per year, which it means that they must reduce the emission at the fleet level with 25% in 2012 comparing the level in 2006. The moment Porsche will produce more units, they must respect more strict rules, among which they have to reduce emission of CO2 at the fleet level and the threshold of 120 grams per kilometer.

As you all know, the Volkswagen team will increase the Porsche range and to grow the number of produced units. The production growth will make the Porsche team to be oblige to respect these rules, which will become more and more strict. With it, will appear the need to downsizing, which was the global tendency applied by all the big manufacturers. Unfortunately for the Porsche team the Boxster model is being sell in 15.000 units per year, which is an insufficient volume to try to reduce emission of CO¹ at the group level in an significantly way.


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