New C-Class Mercedes rumored to be rival with BMW Series 1

BMW Series 1 will have a new rival from Mercedes-Benz starting 2011. The model will be called C-Class Coupe ad it’s based on the actual W204 platform.

Mercedes will launch a rival for BMW Series 1 in 2011 called C-Class Coupe. The model is based on the W204 generation of C-Class and is the second attempt of Mercedes team on the range of hatchback premium with rear-wheel drive. For now, Mercedes staff did not offer an official image of the future coupe based on C-Class.

Unlike CLK, the new C-Class Coupe will utilize the platform and the design of C-Class, and the price will be according to cars value. There is the possibility that Mercedes will use unframed side windows and for the second suite of windows will use the same as CL has and the present E-Class Coupe. On the other hand, rumors say that the German producer can’t realize this thing as well as keeping it’s quality standards and also offering a competitive price, reason for which it could use a conventional solution, having the rear side windows set in a frame.

The range of engines of new C-Class Coupe will include propellants CGI cu direct injection, and also CDI units with a fuel consumption lower. There also is the possibility to implement a version of AMG, which will use the new propellant V8 bi-turbo of 5.5 liters, replacing the present V8 aspirate by 6.2 liters. At the same time, the Mercedes team might create a new hybrid version of C-Class, which will use an engine V6 aspirate by am electric unit.


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