Mercedes will launch a hybrid diesel model of E-Class in 2011

Next year Mercedes intends to launch a new version of hybrid diesel model of E-Class . This will be called E300 Hybrid and will have on it’s base the 2.2 liters diesel.

Mercedes explores new opportunities in hybrid segment and intends to become the first manufacturer which will offer to serial production a hybrid diesel for premium class. The confirmation comes from Daimler president group , Dieter Zetsche, which declared that the propulsion system will debut on the present E-Class model starting next year.
Rumors say the new version will be called E300 Hybrid and it will be put into movement by a renewal version of 2.2 liters diesel bi-turbo, retrieved on E250 CDI, by an electrical engine and a set of batteries lithium-ion similar to those already inserted on S400 Hybrid.

The hybrid system will allows sedan to have a self-sufficiency like models from a small class, the value of consumption may be around 4.2 liters/ 100 km. Nevertheless, the electrical engine will be able to use only to assist the diesel and not to function completely with zero emission.
After his debut in 2011, the current E-Class will have it’s hybrid diesel inserted gradually to all Mercedes range : on M-Class, G-Class, R-Class and GLK.


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