According to rumors the first electric Grand Prix street course will be in France

It seems that in Levallois, France will be held for the first time an all-electric Grad Prix as a result of many hybrid systems that were in Formula 1 and also the electric motorcycles in TTXGP race.
Rumors say that in June 2010, the organizers of GP Elec Levallois will let a number of electric cars to race on a route which has approximately 1.8 miles long, has eight corners, a tunnel, and a 800-meter straightaway.

At the ending of each race, the spectators will have the chance to see the cars live and also a Sustainable Mobility Salon which will promote electric cars. The organizers planned a lot of surprises to spectators in which we number: the possibility to learn more about cars electrification, electric propulsion, electric go-karting for children and adults.


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