Is American Idol history?

Looking back into the past we saw that American Idol was unstoppable in ratings, thing that is not available for present time.
Taking into consideration that Paula Abdul is gone from the show and that Cowell might be the next one, the ratings have declined. Moreover, many fans did not appreciate the coming on the show of the fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi and also by the announcement that Ellen DeGeneres will take Abdula’s place. There is one question to answer : will American Idol be history?

According to TV critic Maureen Ryan : “Every show has a life cycle. “I think [‘Idol’] has reached that point in its maturity where it’s not necessarily guaranteed to end up on the top of the ratings heap every single night, every single week, every single year. I think it will certainly be high up there, but I don’t think it will be as huge a phenomenon as it has been.”
Consequently, the only thing that remains is to watch a new season of American Idol and to decide for ourselves if the show will still have success with the new changes.


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