Will Bernie Ecclestone buy Saab ?

Bernie Ecclestone is behind the offer made by Capital Geniuses fund investment for buying Saab from General Motors.

Rumors say that Spyker negotiates these days with GM for buying Saab, but the Dutch manufacturer had to improve his offer on the moment after a surprise investor appeared.

It seems that fund investment Capital Geniuses declared only a few minutes before the deadline ordered by GM, that they are interested to purchase Saab. Nevertheless, the Swedish press says that behind the offer made by Capital Geniuses is in fact Bernie Ecclestone, the owner of commercial rights of Formula 1.

Capital Geniuses hopes to finalize transaction with American manufacturer as soon as possible : “Saab brand’s value is extraordinary for several auto markets and the company has an innovative image. We will work against aggression to successful close the transaction with relevant company shareholders”.
The Luxembourg people did not offer details about the offer for Saab nor about Ecclestone’s financial participation. On the other side, GM did not confirmed Capital Geniuses offer, but they admitted they received new offers for selling Saab: “All Saab negotiations are confidential and we won’t give details until we have an agreement “.


Image source: mirror.co.uk; saabsunited.com