Peugeot’s new concept on Geneva motor show

Considering latest Peugeot’s hybrid show cars, the best looking car of that range is the SR1 roadster concept which will be inaugurate next March at Geneva motor show 2010.

The new concept has a symmetrical styling and looks like reminiscent late-model 404 cabriolet, which shows the automaker’s future design direction. The SR1 is distinguished by its long hood and flowing fenders which exude elegance, with sculpted door panels, which dramatically blend into the rear fenders.
The SR1 is a very advanced and also a very attractive car. A largely part of the care is constructed from plastic except the doors, the hood and the roof which is retractable. The manufacturer chose this type of design because it reduces weight and stiffens the structure, but, depending on the polymer used, could be quite recyclable.

Taking a look on the inside of this wonderful car we observe a 1.6-liter turbocharged I-4 which powers the front wheels, while a 95-hp (70 kW) electric motor drives the rear axle and also the SR1 puts out 313 hp. The SR1 can be operated as a front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel-drive vehicle.
On the other hand, with all these qualities the manufacturer didn’t confirmed if the SR1 will go into production but they declared that the HYbrid4 drive train will make it into a production vehicle.

Images Source: Peugeot