Is Katy Perry Pregnant ?

Beautiful singer Katy Perry was recently the subject of more rumors. Apparently, Katy tweeted some signs that she might be pregnant with her fiancé Russell Brand.

“Let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!” said Katy on twitter on first day of the year. Then she continued saying “Hey @rustyrockets” – Brand’s Twitter name – “i heard ur prego-ed. “I WANT IN AND OUT. I love you … (awwwww barf!).”

Moreover, Katy and fiancé Russell Brand are rumored to got engaged on New Year’s Eve, where they spent quality time in India over the holidays.

Rumors also say that Brand had been traveling to Austria to meet Katy’s parents. Even if they did not confirmed the relationship they have, it is obvious in they gestures : the several photos were they were seen together and most important, Katy’s engagement ring.


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