Rumors on the new coupe based on Jetta by Volkswagen

The German manufacturer will offer to the American audience a coupe based on Jetta, anticipated these days by an exposed concept at the Detroit Showroom.

Volkswagen is preparing an important launch for the American audience tomorrow, when Detroit Showroom will be open. Rumors say the Germans will launch a concept version of current Jetta, which anticipates the lines of future coupe model, with sportive features.

Called New Compact Coupe, or shortly NCC, the prototype that VW will expose at Detroit, will prepare the audience for a sportive model car, based on the next generation of German sedan. According to recent rumors, it seems that NCC is much more than a simple concept, it’s a pre-production version, although it is hard to believe that VW will chose to use the same name for the series model.

The NCC is rumored to copy the dimensions of Jetta sedan and also a large part of its engines. Besides that, the sportive model will introduce, on premiere on market, a new hybrid system, made from a TSI unit with 4 cylinders and an electric engine. Most probably, we will see the new ecological chassis and also the current generation of Golf model.







Image source: Volkswagen