BMW M5 F10 on market in 2011

It seems that BMW doesn’t plan to produce a Touring version of the new M5 F10. The car will be available only in Sedan version, which will develop 578 horse power and reach 100km/h in only 4.4 seconds.

BMW M5 new generation will be with 0.3 seconds faster when reaching 100km/h than the current series M5 E60. BMW staff have decided to eliminate Touring version of M5, the car following to be available only in sedan version. BMW M5 Touring was available only for series E34 and E60, the car based on E39 not being insert into production due to rear suspension doesn’t offer performances as a M model should.

The V10 engine aspirate of M5 E60 was eliminated in favor of a V8 bi-turbo engine of 4.4 liters, which comes on the new X5 M and X6 M. The V8 engine offers 578 HP and an engine torque max. 80% bigger than the X5 M, reaching a value of 720 Nm. The max speed of this model will be set electronic to 250 km/h, but if this limit wasn’t imposed, it could reach to 303 km /h.

The new BMW M5 will consume with 30% less fuel and the level of emission will be also reduce with 30%. These improvements were obtained by reducing M5’s masse and by inserting Efficient Dynamics technology. Rumors say that BMW might insert a system which will recover kinetic energy, similar to KERS, on M5 production version, but the features of this system are not yet reveal. BMW M5 F10 will be presented by the ending of 2010, starting to debut on market at the beginning of 2011.