News about Lotus’ Evora Cup

Rumors say Lotus’s Evora Type 124 could be built to conquer endurance races organized by the FIA, on the other hand, a similar car called Evora Cup is made for new race series which will be host by Lotus.
It seems that the Evora Cup will debut at the Autosport International Show in England and among its features are the largely mirrors, the weight, which was reduced to roughly 2640 lbs, and the car’s purpose was to fully comply with the FIA’s GT4 class. The Toyota-supplied V-6 receives a dry-sump oil system, and power of 400 hp and also a gearbox by Cima with six speed.

According to rumors, this set of races filed under Evora Cup will take place in Europe but the schedule isn’t put to a date for now. Even so, the first two races ill take place at Donington Park in England, and Vallelunga in Italy.
Even if the drivers will pay around $195,000 for a single car, Lotus will allocate around $145,000 for the prize.
Nevertheless, Lotus staff did not appreciate if the car or championship will be available to customers in U.S. or Canada.


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