Scion’s new strategy in North America

Toyota’s Scion as a brand offer its product mostly in North America and occasionally overseas, due to which future models will be produce in U.S. and not Japan as we may think.
According to Toyota’s president, Yoshi Inaba, the Scion brand will develop only in the countries were it is sells. “We all recognize the importance of Scion,” he said. “It should be more locally developed.”

Moreover, the current models of Scion’s range are xB and xD which are sold in Japan and tC sold in North America, and the future model of this brand, called iQ, will be produced by the end of 2010 especially for European customers.
Inaba added: “We will figure out what we need,” he said. “The important thing is to try and appeal to a younger segment. The role of Scion is to grow them into Toyota or Lexus vehicles.”


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