Leona Lewis involved in an armed incident

Leona Lewis was extremely psychic affected after a couple of armed persons have passed by her, in their attempting to escape from police officers.
Singer’s bodyguards succeeded to intervened before Lewis to get hurt but even so singer’s manager, Nicola Carson, was slammed to the ground.
“It was absolutely scary and Leona is still in shock by all that happened. It could end up much more worse. Leona was in her car in a parking lot. Two police cars blocked another car. A couple of persons jumped from that car with some weapons on them and started to run towards Leona” , said a source.

Last October Leona was assaulted while she was giving autographs to her fans in a library in London, at the launch of her autobiography, receiving a punch in her face.
Leona Lewis, whose debut album entered on first place in album chart in U.S.A. in 2008, being the first British singer who succeeded this performance, was seriously affected by this incident, but she didn’t need medical are, said her spokesperson.

Leona become an international star when she won British contest “ the X Factor”, back in 2006.
Her second single called “ Bleeding Love”, on her album called “Spirit”, was ranked on the first place in British charts and also American charts, a performance which wasn’t succeed since 1986 with a song of Kim Wilde.


Image source: liveinternet.ru; theinsider.com