Audi’s new A8 full-hybrid version on 2010 Detroit Showroom

It seems that Audi A8 will be presented also in a full-hybrid version at Geneva Showroom. For now, chances to be set into production are minimum.

The new premium limo from Audi will be presented in a full-hybrid version at Geneva Showroom. The model is a part from Audi’s strategy to develop and insert into production electric cars, to avoid transitional hybrid models of which electric engines don’t have the capacity to propel the vehicle without any exterior help. By inserting a hybrid model into range A8, Audi would reduce the CO¹ print of the label and also would succeed to analyze the way this model is utilized to be able to estimate the needs for an electric version.

Audi is also preparing a hybrid version based on Q5, which will debut this year. Audi will launch eight models in 2010 and hopes to sell 1 mil. units. The aim is a growth of 50.000 units comparing to value obtained in 2009. Last year brought a drop in sales for Audi, which was compensated by a growth of market share. So, Audi gain ground against competitors in 2009 and the Germans had surpassed their expectations.

Along A8 hybrid version, Audi are set to show a 100% version of A8 this year. The electric version of A8 completes the E-tron concept, which offers sportsmanship and zero emulsions, while electric A8 offers luxury and comfort without carbon emissions.

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