Lamborghini’s supercar called Jota latest photos

Lamborghini is testing on a secret track of Volkswagen group Murcielago’s replacement. Rumors say the future supercar wil have a V12 engine of 700 horsepower and a car body made of aluminum and carbon fiber.

The fact that Lamorghini is currently working on a successor for Murcielago is not a news anymore but the Italians are still keeping this mystery of the supercar which will debut on the streets in 2012. There are no details about the design, skills, engines nor the salon it will debut officially.

This equation full of unknown was loosed by CarPix staff, which have succeeded to spy in globe premiere the new supercar on a secret track of VW. The prototype, well masked, was made some difficult tests at about -25 Celsius degrades.

Called by the press Jota, Murcielago’s successor seems to have borrowed his predecessor dimensions. Under the hood is a injection central engine and a 12 cylinders in V, able to offer up to 700 horsepower. The generous luggage of resources will be completed by a light car body, mostly built from carbon fiber, and an aluminum structure, material from which the doors will also be built with an vertical opening.

The design will be clearly influenced by Estoque concept and Reventon model, both inspired by hunting plane design. The V12 engine will transmit his power to both bridges by a wheel drive system, develop by Lamborghini with Haldex Swedish staff.

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