Toyota inaugurated the FT-86 G Sport Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

It seems that Toyota prepared us another pleasant surprise due to the fact that today at the Tokyo Auto Salon was unveiled a tuned version of its future FT-86 sports coupe, called the “G Sports” .
Moreover, the FT-86 G Sports features are different than we imagined.
The design of the fascia front functioning scoop offers the intercooler plenty of air.
The hood has been sprayed in flat black and features venting up top.
Also, we can observe the body lines on the side of the coupe, giving the concept a wide-body look.
While the rear fascia has been reworked in order to offer a better aerodynamics, the dual exhaust tips have been relocated towards the center of the car.
Nevertheless, a huge spoiler was bolted to the rear decklid.
According to rumors, the production of FT-86, excepting G-Sports equipment, is about $30,000 range, giving Toyota a sports car after long last.





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