Did Penelope Cruz engaged to Javier Bardem?

Rumors say, Penelope Cruz, 35 years old, is engaged to Javier Bardem due to the fact that she was wearing a sapphire ring on her left hand.

The actress and her lover, 40 years, rewarded with an Oscar Award, were seen in romantic hypostasis on the island they spend their quality time next to their family.

According to international press, the two are together since 2007, but rarely they were seen in public being affective one to another.

In November 2009, Penelope Cruz avoided to say, in a TV shoe presented by Letterman, if she and Javier are engaged or not.

“I don’t feel good talking about my private life in public. It is sacred to me. It’s my life. I don’t give details about it, because I’m allergic to a such behavior”.

Cruz can be seen on screens in musical “ Nine”, where she performs next to Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson, Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard.

Penelope and Javier are spending their quality time in Fernando de Noronha which is an a archipelago formed from 22 islands, at a few hundreds of kilometers of the Brazilian north-east coast.