Suzuki will have diesel engines from VW

After Volkswagen bought 19.9% of Suzuki shares, the Japanese wants to pass from diesel current generation, taken by Renault and Peugeot, to TDI engines provided by VW.

After VW bought 19.9% from Suzuki and the two parts announced a partnership which consists in collaborations of technological matters, and Japanese will build cars with TDI engines.

Osamu Suzuki, Suzuki’s general director, announced they will review partnerships with Renault and PSA group, and also their intention to buy diesel engines from VW.

The Japanese car manufacturer of small class and SUV of small sizes has some relations to Japanese producers and delivers rebranded versions of their own models and other models, under OEM license.

Despite the close relations in researching and development, the two brands plans to keep their selling networks separate. Moreover, Suzuki won’t use VW’s distribution network from North America or China and neither VW won’t do the same thing in India.

It seems that, Maruti-Suzuki has the bigger number of cars sold in India, and VW is the best auto brand sold in China.


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