Toyota will reduce hybrids cars prices

One of Toyota’s engineer announced that plug-in hybrid cars will reduce their prices to an accessible level, so that the notoriety of this model to grow.

Yoshikazu Tanaka, one of Toyota’s chief engineers has great plans for the future generation of plug-in hybrid cars. “ I want to make the car accessible as price setting a price that a large number of costumers will afford. In his opinion, the hybrids will be sold unless their prices will be under 30.000€.

Toyota launched in 2009 a third generation of Prius plug-in hybrid model. The Japanese manufacturer has proposed in 2009 to sell 10.00 units per month on local market and about 300.000-400.000 cars from Prius range, second and third generation, all over the world. Moreover, Prius was the best Japanese car sold last year, with 208.876 car units delivered to customers.

Tanaka said that the future plug-in hybrid will surprise the customers. The nickel metal batteries existent on current Prius offers the car an autonomy of 2-3km using only electric engine, while lithium-ion batteries which can be use in the future for plug-in hybrids, offering an autonomy of 23 km per a single charge.

Toyota staff said that hybrid cars will dominate the ecological cars market more than 10 years, and Japanese plans to extend the hybrid range.


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