G.M. might produce a four doors Corvette

GM’s vice president says that Holden Commodore might be the basis of a top Chevrolet sedan, sold eventually under Corvette logo.

General Motors might built a Corvette with four doors on base of Australian model Holden Commodore. Although this idea might seem SF, this was proposed by GM vice president, Bob Lutz, in an interview.

“There is the possibility to produce a Chevrolet sedan which will be sell as an limited edition in U.S. We believe that will be a four-door Corvette”, said Lutz. He also said that a brand or a model isn’t limited to the car body but its traction, transmission and high couple.

Even if Holden models aren’t now the basis of the models sold in U.S., the opposite situation is encountered on the current Commodores HSV W427 equipped with V8 engine of 7.0 liters of Corvette Z06.


Image source: Automarket