A Bugatti Veyron inspection it’s equal to acquisition a VW Golf

The exclusivist world of supercars has a price well established, and Bugatti Veyron is not making an exception. An ordinary inspection has a price of €14.700 , a sum of which you can buy a VW Polo with a moderate level of facilities.

Autocar British staff made an analysis of maintenance costs which a Bugatti Veyron owner must afford. Without taking into consideration the huge acquisition cost and high level of fuel consumption, a Veyron owner pays every year about €14.714 for a usual inspection. This sum is so huge that with that money you can buy a VW Polo. Unfortunately, for Veyron owners, the inspections aren’t the only problem they have to handle. The frustrating element for Veyron owners would be the fact that a similar inspection for Ferrari Enzo would be around €1.920.

The most powerful world’s series model must have wheels thoroughly inspected by Bugatti staff on each 4 wheels change. In case a wheel has any kind of imperfection, this will be changed. Each wheel costs € 8.000, and a set of four wheels for Bugatti Veyron costs €26.876. Veyron’s consumption, when max speed is reached, is about 3.7 liters of each 4 km route. The 100 liters tank is empty in only 12 minutes, meanwhile a full tank cost €100.

Taking into consideration the high maintenance cost of Veyron, isn’t a new thing the fact that such a supercar owner chosen to take his car by truck to the place where he wanted to drive it while he would go by plane. This way, he can enjoy his supercar without risking any accident, on his route of thousands of km, which he must take to destination, so that he reduces the trip costs.


Image source: Automarket