Photos with Oracle’s co-president and his mistress shown on several buildings in more U.S. cities

Oracle company copresident had an unpleasant surprise. An unknown person paid several posters with him and his mistress in order to be published on blocks from several American cities.

Charles Phillips is one of the most respected American economists and he is one of the members of presidential commission fro economic recovery.

Also, Charles Phillips admitted he has an affair with YaVaughnie Wilkins, am American actress, after several posters with them made public.

Although for now nobody knows who’s behind this incident, the American press reported that Phillips’s mistress paid to some guy $4.000 to realize a site about their relationship.
“She used to loved very much to go out, she was spontaneous and always said good things about Charles”, said Bela Kovacs, web-designer.

It seems that their relationship is lasting for over eight years and a half, although Phillips is married and has a child.

Phillips earns over $800.000 per year and he is a member of economic recovery commission founded over a year ago by president Barack Obama.

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