The Texas Motor contest

Now you can design your ideal vehicle thanks to Local Motors’ “Texas Motors” competition.

Local Motors wishes to build unique cars for multiple markets in U.S. Therefore, you can design a car and submit it into the contest, and you can win the competition and the vehicle will then put into production.

This contest wishes to approach to a niche segment popular in Texas due to hunting.
Concerning the design, competitors can to let their imagination fly but they have to built cars that have 4 to 6 passengers , a lockable cargo area for guns and valuables, sport tough front fenders and a brush guard, and incorporate at least 10 inches of ground clearance.

Also the cars must have four-wheel-drive, storage boxes, winches, and a washable interior.

Moreover, the prizes are : second and third place winners will receive $300 and $200, and the first place winner will receive a $1500 prize and the car that he/she designed might go into production. For those who want to compete, they can submit their designs until February 9. Good luck!

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