Picasso creation damaged at N.Y. museum

Pablo Picasso’s painting “The Actor” will undergo repair work, due to a woman’s visit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which fell onto the painting and tore the canvas, according to the museum staff.

It seems that the Picasso work was damaged on Friday after a visitor lost her balance and fell onto the unusually large 6-foot, 4-inch work.

According to museum staff, the six-inch tear is on the lower right-hand corner of the painting.
For now we don’t have any details about the incident beyond saying the visitor fell onto the painting.

Moreover, the painting must be ready for the late April exhibition of 250 works by Picasso, according to the museum staff.

Therefore, seems that this painting marked Picasso’s move from his “Blue period” to his “Rose period,” when his creations showcased costumed acrobats reminiscent of characters in Italian comedy stage plays, said a museum source.

Image source: jbkr.com