Angelina Jolie’s father, about the rumors concerning Brangelina’s split : It’s nonsense!

Angelina Jolie’s father, about the rumors concerning Brangelina’s split : It’s nonsense!!!

It had been rumored that the most publicized couple from Hollywood will split, with rumors pro and against. Many publications bring to foreground this subject, some infirm others confirm the rumors appeared lately in the press.

Jon Voight, the actress’s father said the rumors about his daughter’s split from Brad are just nonsense informs
“Non sense. This stuff are made up”, said Voight, which wasn’t in such good terms with his daughter for many years.

Several days ago, People magazine announce that more sources close to Brangelina infirmed their split. “Everything is working fine in their relationship”, said a source.

On the other hand, British tabloid News of the World, who published world premiere the couple’s split, according to which Brad and Angie signed already legal papers which includes separation, involving a sum over €210 million and the common custody of their six kids, not only they mistaken many times but also invented news.

This kind of tabloid “produced” an shocking interview with Michael Jackson’s ex wife, Debbie Rowe, only after a couple of hours after the singer’s death.

In lately weeks, Hollywood’s golden couple was extremely busy- filming, night out with family, charity – and some observers say haven’t noticed anything special in both routine.

Therefore, on 2 January, Brad, 46, and Angelina, 34, were seen in a French restaurant in New York, enjoying dinner. “They wanted to spend some time alone and didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone. It’s lovely to see a couple so in love”, said a source.

In the past few days, Angelina went to N.Y. for a shooting session organized by Vanity Fair, and Brad stayed in L.A. to participate at telethon “Hope For Haiti Now”, initiated by George Clooney.

Pit and Jolie donated together $1million for this cause. Pitt wasn’t present on Saturday might at Screen Actors Guild Awards, where his recent film “Inglorious Basterds” by Quentin Tarantino, won at “best actors collective”.

Rumors about their spilt will continue to exist, is not the couple decides to infirm or confirm the rumors written in the magazines lately.

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