Tips on how to verify if your Toyota is included in the recall

If you want to know if your Toyota is included in the recall you will have to check your vehicle identification number and the pedal itself.

Toyota uses as a source for accelerator pedals the Denso and CTS suppliers.
The latter supplies the pedals that are currently being recalled. Toyota announced that the vehicles built in Japan all use pedals from Denso, while those built in North America are equipped with the recalled CTS pedal.

It seems that vehicles such as the FJ Cruiser, which is built only in Japan, can only be equipped with the Denso pedals. Meanwhile, vehicles that are only built in North America such as the Tundra, Avalon, Matrix, and Sequoia, are virtually guaranteed to be equipped with the recalled CTS pedals.

Therefore, if you take a look at your VIN, which is affixed in the lower left hand corner of the windshield and in the driver’s doorjamb you will know if your Toyota is included in the recall.
If the first character of the VIN is a “J,” then your vehicle was built in Japan and is not part of the recall. If the first character is a “1,” however, the vehicle was made in North America, and is part of the recall.

Nevertheless, there’s an exception to the rule. Camrys with VIN sequences starting with “4T1” were built with both pedal types, making a visual inspection necessary.

According to Inside Line, owners can identify CTS pedals from Denso units by crawling under the dash and looking at the accelerator pedal assembly. Denso assemblies sport four silver bolts on the left-hand side of the assembly casing, and is also stamped “Denso.” CTS units, however, are devoid of the bolts, and sport a rectangular metal plate on the assembly’s left-hand side.

Nevertheless, if there are any doubts on whether or not your car falls under the recall, don’t hesitate to visit your local Toyota dealership for an inspection and more information.

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