Did Niccolo Paganini soled his soul to the devil?

It’s obvious that few people who read this article might think that at the great composer and Italian violinist as a person who gained his talent as a result of a pact to the devil.

But, a closer look to the period’s sources shows that Paganini wasn’t at all away from the bad rumors so that he decided to never infirm it.

Moreover, even from his birth moment, in a pour salesman and no luck family, his mother had a premonition dream, in which, her future son will be world’s greatest violinist.

As a result of this dream, his parents made everything possible to make it come true.

Until the age 7, Paganini knew perfectly how to play mandolin and violin. Until age 11 he gave to perform alone, so that until her turned 13 to be already known as a violin expert.

At age 19 he started composing his own music and by 23 he already created works of a huge amount. At 27 he already had a huge public success and a crazy success … and rumors about the secret pact which is responsible for his fame, already circulating on everyone’s lips.

Curious is that when he was asked if such a rumor is true, Paganini answered off-hand: “How else do you think I could play the way I do it?”.

Paganini’s decline began at the age of 40 years, when he was diagnosed with syphilis. Empirical treatments of the time, treatments that included mercury and opium, have practically destroyed his health.

Dressed in black evergreen, pale, almost without any teeth, Paganini was only a shadow of the beautiful and talented young who dazzled Europe. People were convinced that Paganini now paying the price which gave him that unnatural talent.

Image source: commons.wikimedia.org