Taylor Swift won the Grammy for album of the year and defeated Beyoncé

The atmosphere was unprecedented due to fact that the winner for album of the year was Swift and record of the year winner was Kings of Leon.

Swift, 20, replied, “That’s awesome, and I didn’t know that before right now.”

The young singer, Swift, declared : “Nashville is my favorite place in the world. To see it recognized in such a beautiful way tonight at the Grammys just makes me so, so happy.”

Taylor never expected to win the award for album of the year with “Fearless”: “I did not see it coming tonight,” she said. “This was a beautiful, beautiful surprise.”

In what concerns her love for country music, and her dislike of labels across musical genres Taylor said: “I grew up in Pennsylvania, and my friends didn’t listen to country music, but I did, because I could identify with these stories so well”.

She added: “I think that when you’re making music, it’s the healthiest thing to do to remove titles or stereotypes from what you’re trying to do. It’s not boys versus girls. It’s not country versus rap. It’s not anything that you don’t make it.”