Brigitte Nielsen looking super sexy at 46 year old

Former model, actress, singer and television presenter Brigitte Nielsen makes sensation at 46 years, in DANSK magazine pages.

The shooting marks 20 Dean of Nielsen’s first appearance in the pages of a fashion magazine.

After becoming known because the role from Red Sonja and Rocky IV, Brigitte is still a model to follow for international stars.

In an interview with the magazine DANSK, the former model told that she felt flattered when he said that Rihanna would like to be called Brigg Nielsen for one day.

Known as the tallest actress in the world, 1.85 m, Nielsen revealed the secret to a million impression appearance: “A dress looks different when it’s dressed by a person who can be sexy. I can afford to be eccentric because I choose myself my dresses and know how to ware them”.

Her private life created controversy over time, so that Brigitte Nielsen reached the shrine five times. Her first husband was a Danish musician Kasper Winding (between 1983-84) with whom she has her first child, Julian.

Then followed her marriage to Sylvester Stallone (1985-87), then to Sebastian Copland (1990-92), to Raoul Meyer (1993-2005) with whom she has two children, Aaron Douglas and Raoul Jr.

She is currently married to Mattia Dessi.